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Book 20: Inner Spirit


[The teenage monk appears over the video feed. He's still sporting the chin fuzz he grew back during the tail end of that time travel shift. And he's looking a bit worried, because his first meeting with the Avatar spirit did not go well.]

Hey everyone. This is Aang. I just wanted to ask you all... Can you let me know if you see a specific spirit around anywhere? Really big, glows a lot, kind of looks like a kite but isn't! I think it's kind of important...

If you see her, tell her it's all a misunderstanding and to find me I guess? ...Thanks!


[Aang can be found in his daily routine around Luceti: at House 56, by the air gates near that house, checking out the library, manning the Welcome Center or the bakery and also exploring the forest. At almost any of these places, Aang will also be practicing meditation, but he's a little more uneasy than usual.]
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[Something is obviously wrong here.

Of course she'll keep her eye out too but-]

What happened, Aang?
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She's your spirit?
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[Kind of, he says. Numerous times. COMMIT AANG. COMMIT.]

And you're the Avatar, aren't you?

How do you lose your spirit? [what did you do]
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Kushina smiles a little. What's this about lost spirit? It looks like he still has plenty. Well, she knows he's talking about something else because of the spirits surrounding Luceti. So her smile doesn't last too long.

Especially when he sounds unsure like that.]

And you two had a misunderstanding about something.
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There's a what inside you?
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Can't you use that to find her? Like spirit tracking?
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If this is important too, you should do it. The area around the barrier or the forest is one of the most spiritual places here. I'll look elsewhere for your spirit, okay?
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Re: video

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You don't have to thank me.

[THINGS. How have things been, hmm...]

Besides Vegeta being a jerk like he always is, it's been pretty quiet. That kid Luffy too, he was talking about some versus thing where you compare to people and think who can win. Did you know he was rubber? That's what he says anyway.

You're not made of something weird too, are you? Vegeta turned into a frog so maybe he's part frog too. I wonder if Minato can summon him.

[She's rambling.]
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video lskdjglsjs

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[... Seriously? How--

Well, there were jutsu that did some weird stuff. Besides, Luceti was a weird place in and of itself, weird people were in it. She just hadn't come across a rubber person before.]

I'll have to see it to believe it. [BELIEVE. Not that she doesn't trust Aang. That's just how she is.

She's not sure why he considers his spirit weird but-]

There's no way Vegeta would sign a contract that would allow him to be summoned anywhere.
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Re: video

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[Why are you reading business things Aang]

I guess, in a way. You are making a contract between you and the person or animal you're summoning. It can be a God, too.

[Although that contract was much more scary and One Time Only.]
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Re: video

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[She laughs.]

You mean like that giant eel?
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Just how big is this Unagi? The lake wouldn't be enough?
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[Cripes that is big.]

I hope an ocean would definitely be big enough. There's nothing bigger than that.

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