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The Bakery

Welcome! This page has (most of) everything you could ever want to know about Luceti's Bakery.
Original write-up by Bayley, a supersoldier who lives in all of our hearts.


Aang/[personal profile] savedtheworld
- Inherited the bakery after Rapunzel left.
- Works after school
- Specializes in fruit pies

Ikki/[personal profile] breezing
- is a kid
- Similar to Aang, works around school schedule and helps with fruit pies

Fenimore/[personal profile] blessingone
- Works during school

Duck/[personal profile] clumsyduck
- A baker in the making
- Can be prone to accidents/destroyed attempts at food


The bakery is located at the eastern edge of the plaza, housed in the same building as The Flower Shop, All Passions, and A Shot in the Dark.

This corner of the building is framed by a short hedge bush, only a few feet tall with a white wrought-iron fence tracing it. There are a few tables outside, set with umbrellas when the weather is warm enough. The tables and chairs are styled in the same iron pattern as the fence.

The outside of the building is a warm, stucco yellow with a brown shingled roof and two large windows displaying all manner of baked goods on glass dessert plates. Along the edge of the roof is a striped awning, brown and pastel blue, and hanging at the corner of the building is the bakery sign, painted by Peeta when he was the proprietor of the establishment. Set between the two windows is the front door, green with a windowpane set in the top half. The door rings a bell when it is opened, to alert the staff of a new customer.

The Shop

The colors on the outside of the shop continue in here, with warm yellow walls, hardwood flooring, a wooden ceiling fan, and rich warm countertops. The tables and chairs in here are the same as the ones outside, made of wrought-iron (but without the umbrellas). A scratchy phonograph in the corner plays a set of classical, jazz and swing records Rapunzel picked out herself. The display cases by the two front windows and on the counter are chock full of baked goodness, while the two tall displays on the eastern wall are stocked with various kinds of bread. Patrons can place their order with staff at the counter, or if no one is around working, help themselves. Aang doesn't lock the door when he leaves, so the bakery is, in a sense, a 24-hour establishment - as long as you don't mind stale bread!

The Goods

Generally speaking, the bakery will have any and all baked goods that bakeries usually have, including (but not limited to): pies, cakes, breads, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, bars, eclairs, cannoli, cake bites, muffins, sweet rolls, cheese cake, croissants, custard, fudge, danishes, donuts, tarts, and many more. Aang has picked up on Rapunzel's experimenting with candy making, so there are caramels, taffy, and toffee on hand as well. Your character won't be able to find unique desserts from their home world here, but chances are Aang will be able to make it for them if they request it. Similarly, any large bakery orders (such as birthday cakes) won't be on hand, but have your character put in an order a day or so in advanced and Aang and staff will be able to prepare them.

The bakery also has some varieties of tea on hand, brewed on request.

The Kitchen

The kitchen behind the counter is equipped much like any bakery kitchen: a large fridge, storage cabinets, double sinks, multiple ovens, a range, a dishwasher, shelving units, and plenty of counter space. The large steel worktable in the center of the area is where most of the bakery prep happens. There is also a small knob for aprons by the sink, as well as a drawer for hairnets and gloves. Dishes, silverware and cups are stored in the cabinet next to the smaller oven, as well as cleaning supplies. The cabinet next to the fridge is where all non-refrigerated ingredients are kept, such as flour, sugar, salt, and so forth. Bowls, mixers, KitchenAids, and other large appliances are stored underneath the worktable, while smaller tools (measuring cups, whisks, spatulas, oven mitts, wooden spoons, and such) are stored in drawers along the back counter.