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Book 18: Ashes [Video/Action] Dated to the 19th

[Today's the day that Aang had chosen to celebrate Yangchen's festival. And it wasn't until the day came that Aang realized the significance of this date that he hadn't considered: this date marked two years since he first arrived in Luceti. It was weird to think back to that day - especially now that his memories from home felt so much fainter in the wake of everything he's experienced and everyone he's known in these two years at Luceti.

So much has changed since that day. So used to being a wandering monk and traveling across the world, now he had been living in the same house for so long. His friends from home were one constant, but everyone except Katara had come and gone over time. Zuko and Toph were back, but without memories. And Korra had gone back home just as suddenly as she had appeared. It was a whirlwind of emotions. Yet, especially during times when Lucet was quiet and relatively peaceful, Aang can find some contentment in his daily life here. Especially when he had Ikki. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew, that if the time came for them to return home willingly, Ikki would be the hardest to let go of. Because... he knows he'll never get the chance to meet her back home.]


[He's met so many people from so many different worlds. And lost many of them over time. It was thinking of this that sparked an idea when he came across all of the floating lanterns that were left over from the birthday party he threw for Rapunzel last year. And it was this which prompted him to make an address over the journals before he went to school that morning.]

Hey everyone! It's me... Aang! I just wanted to remind you guys that today's the day to have the festival for Avatar Yangchen. Nothing too big... there's gonna be kite flying and air nomad food. It'll be by the south lake, but anyone who doesn't want to walk can get a ride on Appa!

And... I got another idea for something to do later. [He holds up one of the lanterns.] I found these. Last year during this month, we set these lanterns that we made out as a special surprise for Rapunzel's birthday. She's... not here anymore, but I think that just gives us a new reason to do this.

[And he looks on solemnly.]

A lot of us here have been away from home a long time... and a lot of us have also had people dear to us go back home where they belong. Sometimes they leave behind letters... but we never get to say goodbye. That's why I thought of this. Whenever you get a lantern, and you're about to set it free... you can put notes on it. Your own messages for those people who aren't here anymore... or even for people you miss who never came here at all. It can be a way of remembering them and wishing them well. I think... Maybe it'd be a good idea!

[He smiles warmly.]

Even with all the people we've lost... I don't think that's a reason to stop hoping and to stop making new friends. Because... the best way to make it in this place is by having these people to hold onto. Because even if they're not always around... It's knowing and caring for other people that helps us to get even stronger. And I think it'll help us to keep moving forward. [He rubs at the back of his head nervously.] So, with all that said... I hope you guys have a good time with the festival! And I hope the ceremony helps.


[There will be a log for the festival and stuff eventually! Otherwise, Aang is practicing bending by House 56 in the morning, at school until the afternoon and then hosting the festival/lantern ceremony until the evening.

Finally, at night, he spends some time at the river near his house, quietly meditating. He once more reflects back on everything - and about the future he's learned of. The adult him who he fears he'll never measure up to. The family whose potential existence feels him with hope, fear, joy and insecurity. And he tries to reach within himself as he meditates. He might not be able to reach the spirits of the past Avatars here in Luceti. But maybe, by digging deep enough, he can find one particular spirit...]
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[With Naruto missing, and her thinking he's gone home where he belongs, she needs to hear this.

Tears gather in her eyes and she has to set this on voice, so he doesn't see her crying.

'Thank you.']

Who's Avatar Yangchen?
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He's only explained bending a little (and the giant eel he rode) so she's confused]

Previous life?
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[Rebirth, huh?]

... Do you remember your past life?
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What did they show you?
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lmfaofdlk the booty

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Why would he show you something like that?
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no never i would shun u

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[Being the mother she is (and having a son who also has been placed with a responsibility like that) she feels protective.]

Why can't that be the world's responsibility? Something that big shouldn't just be placed on one person's shoulders.
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[There's silence on her end.]

Like friends to help you?
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You stopped the war?
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So you and your friends lived peacefully after?

[THIS IS IMPORTANT after being in war her whole life and wanting the fighting to stop to hear it can actually happen in another world is

it's incredible. it's hope. it's that faith that eludes her and Minato uses instead of his own willpower like she does.

it's a promise that even though the burden is heavy, Naruto won't have to suffer forever]
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[for their children, for the future

a future without war]

It has to carry on. For Ikki, too. For everybody. You were able to bring peace, but it's up to the rest of the world to keep it that way.
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[so much emotion]

Your world is lucky to have someone like you in it. Even if you weren't the Avatar.
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[The mention of Naruto puts her back to the beginning and what he said about the lanterns and people they couldn't say goodbye too.

In reality, Kushina had said her goodbyes to Naruto before but she can't help but feel like, after all the time they spent together, he should have one more.

She doesn't say anything for a while, unsure what she can say.]

Could you save a lantern for me at the festival?
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[it's not just for Naruto

it's not just for the people of Luceti

it's for everyone in every single world that never got to say goodbye to someone they cared about]